net-OMICS offers full-service bioinformatics support at affordable prices, also for small laboratories, small and middle-size life science companies, as well as private customers, throughout the world!

Bioinformatics consulting

$ 50
From experimental set-up to results publishing
$ 0

We offer a free 1st time consultation! What does that mean? After receiving some basic information form you, we will prepare a project proposal, estimating the project completion timeline and costs. This is for free! If you will decide to use our full-service bioinformatics analysis offer i.e. from experimental set-up to scientific publishing of the results, we also won't charge you for the Bioinformatics consulting part. Contact us to discuss your specific project or data analysis needs! General inquiries are always for free!

The project costs for Data analysis will strongly depend on your data type and analysis needs! Analyzing Genomics and NGS data is generally computationally very intensive and also requires large amounts of storage. Hence, starting from raw Exome-seq data will be most expensive, followed by genotyping array and raw Transcriptomics (RNA-seq) data. Integromics is computationally less demanding, when starting with already pre-processed data. Here, the development of client-tailored analysis pipelines make up the majority of the cost. Contact us to discuss your specific project or data analysis needs! We offer a free 1st time consultation!

Data analysis

from $50
from $30

Scientific writing

from $100
from $25

The price for Scientific writing will be basically determined by the fact, whether we start writing from scratch, which will be more expensive. In case, you have written the bioinformatics parts yourself already and approach us for a review, the price will be lower, however will still depend on the amount of the changes that need to be made. In case of figures, the price will be largely determined by the data pre-processing steps required to generate a figure and its complexity. Contact us to discuss your specific project needs! We offer a free 1st time consultation!