net-OMICS is a privately held full-service bioinformatics company established in 2017, located in Riga, in Latvia (EU). We deliver state-of-the-art bioinformatics support - Consulting, Data analysis and
Scientific writing. Our customers are the life sciences, both academia and industry, throughout the world. We offer affordable Prices, suitable also for small laboratories, companies, as well as private customers!

We strongly believe that integrative systems-level network-based data analysis (i.e. Integromics or net-OMICS) - linking together multiple layers of OMICS data (e.g. Genomics, Transcriptomics and other `OMICS') into meaningful network models - is the key to understand complex biological processes in health and disease. Our mission is to help life scientists make multi-OMICS Data analysis a routine task for candidate gene, biomarker or drug target discovery and prioritization and for gaining novel mechanistic and predictive insights.

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